Saturday, March 19, 2011

How to Export Your Facebook Contacts To an Email Address Book.

Export Your Facebook Contacts

Have you ever wished you had your Facebook Contacts in an easy to use email address book?


Well your wait is over! Follow my simple steps with ease and simplicity using Yahoo's email service.



1. First thing to do is go to www.yahoo.com


2. It is best to create a new Yahoo email account to perform the export and to manage your contacts in the future.

3. Log into your new Yahoo email account and click on Contacts.



4. Click on Tools from the pull down menu and select Import.

5.Click on the Facebook icon.

6. Click OK to share contacts with Yahoo.


7.Yahoo will start retrieving the contacts from Facebook and display the number of contacts found.

8. When Yahoo finishes importing your Facebook contacts it will display the number of countacts imported. Click View Contacts.

Note: You can only download those contacts of Facebook users who do not block their contact information from being shared.

9.  From the Tools menue choose Export.

10. Choose the export format you would like to download your Facebook contacts in.


Thats it! You now have exported your Facebook contacts into your Yahoo email account.

Note: After you complete the final step to export your Facebook contacts from Yahoo, you may get an error message of page not found. If that happens a work around would be for you to go to the top of your browser menue and choose Edit, Select All, Click Edit again and choose copy. Open Notepad or Word and paste the contacts. You will then need to manually remove other items that got copied during the cut and paste step. Arrange your contacts in a manner that will work for you. Additionally, I recommend that you only use this yahoo account to manage your exported facebook contacts; this will make life easier for you.

If this becomes too much work then just use your new Yahoo email account to send your messages to your Facebook contact.



Saturday, March 5, 2011

Improve Yourself; Increase Your Value

Improve yourself; increase your value. I grew up with the most loving parents, but my parents did not possess certain types of knowledge to teach me how to really get ahead in life. I gained access to that knowledge by associating myself with positve individuals and groups who had that knowledge and a history of success themselves; which provided proof that with hard work, I too could attain what my heart desired; even though at the time I did not have those compentecies that I would eventually learn.

In closing, anyone working on improving themselves benefit even more when they help others who have these gaps in their circule of incluence.



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