Friday, October 18, 2013

Healthcare.gov Fix: U.S. Government Sponsored Hackathons

New Idea - The U.S. Government should make these overpriced government Information Technology firms compete against Hackathon public projects when drafting their technology proposals..

This would spark many youth to pursue careers in technology. Because of the rebellious nature of youth, many would get a kick out of creating competing products to stick it to the man! Thus, helping to solve America's STEM crisis.


Healthcare.gov would have been child's play for America's young adults who have built social media mega infrastructures, which were originally developed and hosted from dorm rooms and cramped apartments on computers sitting on the floor. 

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Monday, September 30, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How To Prevent A Hacker From Spying On You Using Your Web Cam

Your webcam can be used against you by hackers to spy on you, record you and possibly blackmail you, or be used for revenge or extortion against you. See NBC News article--> FBI Arrests suspect in Miss Teen USA 'sextortion' case.

Because these stories are becoming more and more common in the news, Michael, a friend of mine asked me to share on his Facebook page, a way that individuals can secure their web cams and prevent it from being hacked. More like reduce the likelihood that your webcam gets hacked into. Just know that anything connected on the Internet can be hacked or compromised.
  1. Use a computer account that does not have Administrator rights. Limited rights is perfect.
  2. Keep antivirus software up to date and don't skimp, pay for the annual renewal!
  3. Set your PC or Laptop to download and install security patches automatically.
  4. Keep the computer’s firewall turned on all the time.
  5. Don’t let your children use your computer. Buy your children their own computing devices. Disable the camera on their computer if they have no need to use it. See steps 6 & 7.
  6. If your web cam is external, keep it unplugged until you need it.
  7. If your web cam is internal, consider deleting the drivers for it and purchasing an external web cam and follow step 6.
  8. For internal web cams, use tape or post-It Note to cover camera lens if you are not using it.
  9. Microphone – Turn the microphone input volume down to “zero”, when not using it.
  10. For the Ultra-Paranoid, delete the device drivers for both your web cam and microphone.
  11. Create complex login passwords.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Getting Real. The Real Deal Costs of a Data Breach - ExcellentInfographic

Excellent Infographic

This is a great Infographic regarding the money lost due to a Data Breach. Everyone needs to be Cyber Security smart. Stop. Think. Connect
Link---> http://visual.ly/real-cost-data-breach

The Real Cost of a Data Breach




Monday, March 25, 2013

How To Set Up Multi-Factor/ Dual Authentication on Facebook

Enabling Dual/ Multifactor Factor authentication for Facebook is a great way to strengthen the security for your Facebook account. Multi-Factor Authentication significantly lowers the risk that someone will gain unauthorized access to your Facebook account via web browser; This is not enabled for mobile apps yet; the web browser has the higher risk surface.

Multi-Factor authentication works by requiring you to have not just your ID and Password to prove who you are, but in-addition what you have! About everyone has a mobile phone with text messaging enabled with a unique phone number that only you have. So if you have your mobile phone with you, you will be able to log into your Facebook account. This will keep Malware out, snoops and identity thieves from accessing your account from a web browser.

This will also alarm you if someone is trying to log into your account without authorization!

It will require you to enter in a code that Facebook will send to you via text message to complete your login.

How To Setup
Go to Settings and select Privacy Settings.

Select Security

Select Login Approvals

Select Require a Security Code To Access My Account from Unknown Browsers

Select Get Started

A Wizard Will Finish Walking You Through The Setup Process

A Wizard Will Finish Walking You Through The Setup Process

Facebook Will Text You a Confirmation Code to Enter Into The Box Above.

Click No  Thanks, Require a Code Right Away.

Note that Login Approvals reads: A Security Code Is Required When Logging in From an Unknown Browser.

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