Tuesday, March 25, 2014

POWEROCKS Magicstick Portable Battery for Charging Mobile Devices

A few months ago I was asked by the company PowerRocks to evaluate the Magicstick device. They make portable and reliable mobile device charging solutions for mobile devices, and they asked me to do a review of their product on the Clark Thought Leadership Blog and I agreed. They quickly sent me a sample to review and I immediately took it out of its packaging, connected the UBS connector that came with it to my computer and the other end to the micro port and charged it overnight. See above. The PowerRocks charging device takes 5-6 hours to fully charge up when empty.

First, I must say that the Magicstick device is very nice and sleek looking product. They sent me a blue one with a cool metal painted finish. It will definitely create conversations every time you take it out. See below.

The Powerocks Magicstick comes in the following colors.

I use an iPhone 5s and I am a heavy app user which results in my phone’s battery draining too fast. By using the PowerRocks device I am able to recharge my smartphone whenever I need to without worrying about finding an electrical outlet. The powerocks device fully charged my iPhone in about 2/5 hours. You will be able to get close to 2 full charges from a fully charged Powerocks device. Not bad at all.

On one end of the Magicstick device there is a Smart push-button LED indicator button that when pressed will let you know who much charging ability is available in the Magicstick. Below the LED is showing a blue light which indicates that the battery has a 70% - 100% charge.

Smart push-button LED light status legend. 
  • Blue light = 70% - 100% full
  • Green light = 30% - 70% full
  • Red light = 1% - 30% full
So while I was testing the Powerocks Magic stick my beautiful daughter came over to me and said, "daddy with is that?" I told her that it is a device that recharges mobile devices without having to be plugged in to an outlet. She immediately said, "wow day I can use that while at school! It is very difficult trying to recharge my phone during the dat at school." I initially said no, but as I thought about it and being the IT Security person that I am, I soon realized that the Magicstick would reduce the likelihood that my daughters' Android phone would be stolen, because instead of her plugging up her smartphone in an outlet at school where she would not be able to keep her eyes on it all the time, she could use the Powerocks Magicstick and charge her phone while it is in her book bag and not draw any attention to it. Additionally, it will allow her to focus on her school work and not worry about someone eyeing a charging phone and walking off with it while it is charging; sometimes she said she has charged her phone in empty classrooms and tried her best to hide it; not good at all!

You can find Magicstick portable recharging batteries for under $30. I think they make the perfect gift for individuals who have everything. Power for mobile devices is now a commodity and everyone needs access to power to stay connected to family, friends and work; especially in emergency situations.

I think that the Powerocks Magicstick is a great product that is affordable and one that will see use over and over by the recipient of it. I high recommend the product.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Get 10 GB of Free Computer File Backup Space

What A Great Deal!
There is a cloud based online backup company named Symform that will give you 10GB of Free online backup space. This is the most that I have ever seen offered by any online back up company. The company's business model involves using the disk space from others and reselling it. In return one could actually get unlimited backup space by sharing the unused space on their hard drives.


I belive that every person should use online backups services. Install. Configure. Forget. Once your online backup service is instailed you can forget about it, but when your hard drive fails you will not use your priceless data. Security wise the company reports that they use 256 Bit encryption and notes that the U.S. Federal computer system are requirment is only 128 Bit encryption. Additionally, this is great for your kids laptops and computer systems. I wish their was some data available on the amount of work lost by kids k-12. I think that backing up the kids computer is the last thing that comes to the minds of parents. So before they lose any school work and start balling and crying about having to attempt to recreate it. Show them that you love them and backup their computers for free!



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