Friday, October 16, 2009

Stop Losing Perfectly Good Email To The Junk Mail Folder!

When is the last time you inspected your junk mail folder? Junk mail filters are great Information Security tools to keep spam and other unwanted emails out of your main email Inbox; junk email filters are not intelligent, you will need to peep into your junk mail folder often to find important emails that you may need to reply to. I recently looked in my Outlook Junk Mail folder and found lots of valid emails, that I needed to see. The lesson I learned was to view my junk email folder more often, and do create rules for the type of emails that my junk email filter grabbed. I would bet that many people just forget about the junk email folder and never view its contents. When is the last time you viewed your junk email folder?

 Email Filter & Rules Tips!
  1. View your junk email folder often; I will now view mine everyday.
  2. When you find good email in your junk email folder, adjust your junk email filters to prevent emails sent from that person, domain (@microsoft.com) or catagory from being dumped into your junk email folder.
  3. Gain email Inbox efficiency and organization by creating email rules that automatically move the email types mentioned above into folders, which would assit in finding emails quicker. 


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