Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fact Check: Apple's Mac Operating System has the Most Security Vulnerabilities

"Hey, I'm a Mac...and I have the Most Vulnerability Risks!"

You see the brilliant marketing of Mac computers by Apple, but most people are surprised and shocked to learn that Apple's Mac operating system has the most security vulnerabilities disclosed; they have had the most vulnerability discloses for the last 3 years. The commercials tout the Apple Mac as the worry free computer, but with more security vulnerabilities than Windows, which someone can take advantage of and steal control of your computer.

According to IBM's 2008 XForce Risk & Trends report, Apple's Mac Server and Mac OS products top the list as the most vulnerable OS. Microsoft's operating systems don't appear until 5th place after Linux and the Sun OS.

TOP 10 Most Vulnerable Operating Systems

Now it’s true that Microsoft's Windows operating systems have more individuals targeting it to do a bad things, which is due to Windows products running on over 80% of the worlds computers; it's basically similar to having more robbers determined to rob you than your friend, but your friend has more weaknesses. Apple's Mac operating systems have about 3X more disclosed attack weaknesses than all the variations of currently supported Microsoft Windows products.

Keeping them honest!

Complete 2008 IBM XForce Security report


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