Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Motivating Message About Technology Education

I saw this Kaplan University commercial this morning, which was greatly inspirational.

"It's Time To Use Technology to Re-Write The Rules of Education!"

I agree with the message in this masterfully done commercial that we must change the way we teach today's youth  and to use technology to do it!



  1. Great commercial! It's very true that we, as educators, need to embrace technology by integrating it into our teaching. These up and coming generations are growing up with the know how of technology in their hands. Teachers of all grade levels and institutions need to find ways to incorporate the interests of these students to encourage, motivate and teach to strive for excellence. "Knowledge is power!"

  2. Do you know Kai Dupe? He told me via Twitter that he teaches at Kaplan...

  3. @lmatthews08, thanks for the feed back. We can do things differently...people just have to put in some work and create what is not available.

    @Villager, I don't know Kai Dupe.

  4. Wayne, I do not know Kai, but I do see him a a very active person on BDPA social sites.


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