Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What Should One Know When Preparing for an IT Security Technical Job Interview?

Here are some technical areas that I have been asked to explain in detail.

  1. Understand what Defense-in-depth is.
  2. Be prepared to design a network that contains the must haves to adequately protect a corporate network.
  3. Understand what attacks can occur at each TCP/IP layer; and how to mitigate.
  4. Know what the most common IP ports are and the common attacks associated with them; and how to mitigate.
  5.  Understand all the types of encryption available to protect data in transit and at rest.
  6. Understand how to protect Desktops and Servers from unauthorized access and attacks.
  7. Understand how security roles and permissions operate in a Windows domain, and how security flows from domain controllers to desktops.
  8. Understand the aspects of providing Physical Security to protect against unauthorized access and harm for People, Processes, Technology and Administratively.
  9. Understand what IDS, Firewalls, IPS, and router access control lists are.
  10. Be prepared to explain how you stay abreast of emerging threats to Internet and network security.
  11. Become familiar with the security guidelines and publications on www.nist.org



  1. Great post! I will definitely keep these things in mind, & by "keep in mind", I mean bookmark this page. :)

  2. Thank you Sha-Myra! I am very happy that you found my blog post of value to you! :-)


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