Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How Technology Saved The Art of DJing

The art of DJing was becoming more difficult to do because of the invention of the music CD; Music companies could produce 10 CDs for the same price of producing one vynl record. Finding Vynl (wax) records of popular songs and artists where becoming more difficult to get. Many people dont know that I actually DJ as a hobby and get lots of enjoyment from mixing, scratching and blending records.

I have been DJing as a hobby for over 16 years and the Serato Technology has made it much easier to continue to have this art form as a hobby.

Serato technology allows a DJ to use MP3s on a laptop and mix and scratch with two control records. The invention of the Serato Scratch Live technology saved the art of DJing and made the experience more enjoyable by REAL DJs with REAL skills! No more carrying crates of records any more! Time for getting back in the lab to come up with mad creations to make the party people dance!

Serato Scratch Live Diagram


Serato Scratch Live Box Contents

DJ Jazzy Jeff Speaks About How Serato Scratch Live Saved DJing

DJ Jazzy Jeff tearing it up on the wheels of steel against the late DJ AM....RIP.

Finally, to see some of the nations top club djs do their thing on the wheels of steel check out the link below. Its the Mikidz Show with airs live on Mondays at 10 PM Easteran. You can also watch past shows too.

Here is a video of a live DJ Mix show

Julius AKA DJ Juice!


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