Sunday, March 23, 2014

Get 10 GB of Free Computer File Backup Space

What A Great Deal!
There is a cloud based online backup company named Symform that will give you 10GB of Free online backup space. This is the most that I have ever seen offered by any online back up company. The company's business model involves using the disk space from others and reselling it. In return one could actually get unlimited backup space by sharing the unused space on their hard drives.


I belive that every person should use online backups services. Install. Configure. Forget. Once your online backup service is instailed you can forget about it, but when your hard drive fails you will not use your priceless data. Security wise the company reports that they use 256 Bit encryption and notes that the U.S. Federal computer system are requirment is only 128 Bit encryption. Additionally, this is great for your kids laptops and computer systems. I wish their was some data available on the amount of work lost by kids k-12. I think that backing up the kids computer is the last thing that comes to the minds of parents. So before they lose any school work and start balling and crying about having to attempt to recreate it. Show them that you love them and backup their computers for free!



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