Thursday, September 3, 2009

Choose The Right Web Browser For The Right Activity: I Will Show You How

Choosing the right Internet Web Browser is similar to choosing the right tool out of a tool box to do a job.

Keeping this simple I recommend that you use the top three Internet Browsers; in my opinion, for the following jobs. The following is my personal order of preference.

Stability & Security - Firefox

  • Worldwide Firefox Browser Market Share as of Sept 2009; Currently 31.2% , up from 26.08% same time last year.
  • Use the Firefox browser mainly for stability and most importantly when you want added security protection for activities such as online banking, credit card payments, email and other activities that require you to safeguard your confidentiality.
Performance - Google Chrome

  • Worldwide Google Chrome Browser Market Share as of Sept 2009; Currently 3.4% , up from 0% same time last year.
  • Use Google Chrome when you demand performance from your web browser. Pages load much faster with Google Chrome, especially when using Social Networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.
Compatibility - Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Worldwide Browser Internet Explorer Market Share as of Sept 2009; currently 58.83% down from 68.91% same time last year.
  • Use Internet Explorer when you need to be compatible the majority of sites on the internet and especially corporate intranets. IE's market share has been steadily dwindling due to the browsers mentioned above, but it is still the dominate browser because Microsoft Windows operation systems run on over 80% of the worlds PCs, and the IE browser already comes installed on it.




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