Wednesday, September 23, 2009

McGruff SafeGaurd Monitors Your Kids Internet Activity

Free Trusted Service to Monitor Your Kids Internet Activity.

McGruff Internet Safety for Parents
Take a bit out of Internet Safety

The Internet is full of perils that kids can fall prey to. Do you as a parent worry about what your child is doing on the Internet? Who they chat with, what they are chatting about, the amount of time they spend on the Internet? Your worry list can become extremely long. You remember McGruff the crime dogs? Parents should remember McGruff's very popular phrase growing while growing up as a child themselves; "take a bite out of crime".

McGruff is now taking a bite out of Internet Safety and offering a FREE service for parents to monitor you're their kids Internet activity.

Free Features

  1. Its basic features are permanently Free!
  2. It installs invisibly on your child's computer and you never have to go back to the computer to review the sites and conversations. You monitor your child's activity from another computer and the service is password protected and secure.
  3. It has an easy to use control panel to monitor & block your child's Internet activities.

  4. Monitors:
    1. • All website visits
      • MySpace/Facebook and social network activity
      • Chat and instant message conversations
      • Search engine phrases
      • Emails sent on popular systems, including AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Hotmail
      • Tracks total hours spent online

  5. Alerts:

    1. • Intelligent monitoring automatically alerts you by email to potential danger
      • Get daily summary of activity
      • Report predators directly to Law Enforcement
      • Auto-monitors for hundreds of dangerous phrases
      • Create your own custom alerts

  6. Search:

    1. • Your child's activity by keyword and date
      • Your child's activity by buddy name

For the Ultimate Level of Protection

The free version of McGruff SafeGuard is great for basic monitoring, but many parents want more. McGruff SafeGuard Plus gives you the highest level of parental monitoring available.

Upgrade-only features include:

  • Get danger Alerts via cell phone
  • Grab passwords from social networks and other websites
  • Email, print, copy & paste activity
  • Receive daily email with all chat conversations
  • Receive weekly summary report of all activity
  • Schedule pre-set times for kids to use the PC
  • View activity up to 30 days old
  • Block inappropriate websites

Screen Shot of Parental Monitoring Console

To review the service go and vist McGruff's website:


Protect your children and help them to properly enjoy their Internet experience!



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