Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama’s Infrastructure Stimulus Hopes to Increase IT Jobs

The Business Software Alliance reports that President Elect Obama's economic stimulus agenda will include a "Pro-Tech" emphasis; a sweet sound to an IT professionals ears!

Information Technology Job Creation Breakdown:

Obama's' Stimulus Impact Estimate

  • 10 percent increase in IT Jobs: 300,000 new IT jobs.
Skills Needed In

  • Construction & Engineering Firms
  • Alternate Energy Systems
  • Health Care Process Modernization
  • Bioinformatics
Hottest IT Areas

  • Business analysis
  • Financial and human resources applications
  • Program management
  • Application development
  • And last but not least. Information Security
To Sum it Up

Information Technology will continue to a Rosetta stone for interpreting and translating historic complex problems to formulas that we can solve in this economic crisis.


  1. Nice post, Cuz!

    Hmmm.....no Software Quality Assurance!? Lots of opportunity!


  2. Thanks for your feedback Lisa! Love you cousin!


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