Monday, January 19, 2009

Divine Driven Leadership: The Great Power Within

The Bondage Breaker

I was inspired by my inner compass to write "The Great Power Within" three years ago and I feel that the vision depicted in my writing is for all to realize ones own inner power, which is installed by our creator. To me this is so relevant as the first African American is sworn in as President of the United States of America today. He was not to be denied.

The Great Power Within

A man from generational bloodlines of conquerors and kings is not always guaranteed victory, even though one from such a lineage is often powerful, feared and rarely challenged. A man whose only material belonging is the air his lungs acquire to sustain his life, and who has the ability to hone into his inner strength and harnesses the spirit of all beautiful things around him, gains a strength far superior to any conqueror or king. If this man is raised by wise handlers, a pure heart will be harvested that can attain a power never imagined by limited minds or hearts. This man will develop a desire to challenge himself by competing with the best around him. He lives for the thrill of contest and unknowingly is being prepared to protect himself and the universe from any threat. Fueled by his sense of righteousness, bestowed upon him by his creator, he will prevail in any situation despite the hopeless odds placed against him and when all is said and done, he will not lie down to die until he has fought and won a perceivably un-winnable fight.

Author, Julius Clark Sr.

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