Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To the Office of the President-Elect: Kids, Technology & Problem Solving

I received and email from President Elect Obama's Change.Gov. Open government was a campaign promise that Obama consistently made, and he is delivering on his promise. Change.gov is set up to take ideas from Americans that can be used to fix our nation's problems. I could not resist the opportunity to offer my two cents to the Office of the President-Elect.

My Comments:

Teach Kids How to Use Computer Technology to Solve Problems

To the Office of the President-Elect,

I volunteer in a professional organization (BDPA) that teaches children (8th-12th grade) in underserved communities, 3 tier web design (HTML, .NET & MySQL) to solve problems. We accept students from all walks of life, with little to no programming experience. Along with programming, students across the country in this volunteer initiative, learn project management, career skills and team building. We are proving that kids in underserved communities can learn and apply college level education, while in still in grade school to solve complex problems, when they are mentored and handled by wise hands. Some of those students go on to compete against other students across the country in a High School Computer Competition (HSCC) for bragging rights, but most importantly college scholarships. They have created Information Technology Systems in these competitions such as:

  • Global Troop Deployment Systems
  • Charity Donation Sites
  • Online PC Ordering Sites
  • Terrorist Tracking Databases

Children are naturally interested in computer technology, so let's develop a national directive that takes their passion with the internet, gaming and teach them to solve problems, which in return will create a workforce of very talented future leaders, who will keep America competitive and creative, while solving a world of problems. If the volunteers of the BDPA can turn out hundreds of students each year on Saturdays to and influence them to pursue Computer Science careers, imagine the impact to our economy, business innovation and Homeland Security if our nation can reproduce our results.



  1. I like BDPA leaders that reach for the stars! Did you send him this letter?

    peace, Wayne

  2. Yes sir I did. Right on the Citizen Briefing Book Link: http://citizensbriefingbook.change.gov/


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