Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rid Yourself of Information Security Bad Habits

Improving on Your Information Security Bad Habits

First, I welcome 2009 amidst a multitude of perplexing world challenges. Second Technology is going to be more important than ever as more things are done with less people and with people trying to find more opportunities with limited time. Start the year off with better Information Security habits that will protect your physical wellbeing and database wellbeing. Adhere to the following suggestions and make measurable efforts to rid yourself of these Information Security bad habits:

Things to improve on

  • Not respecting and adhering to your employer's computer security policies.
  • Not changing your passwords with some frequency. If you have had your password for a while or if others know it, Change it!
  • Sharing your login account name and passwords with others.
  • Start using strong passwords comprising of numbers, upper & lower case letters and special keyboard characters.
  • Stop using the same password for all of your online login activities.
  • Not using or renewing the anti-virus product you use to keep receiving critical security updates to help protect your online computer activities and identity.
  • Not inspecting the content of your Childs social networking profiles. Your children can fall prey to others if they reveal information that others can use to steal from them, find them or hijack their identities.
  • Stop signing up for everything online that you receive via email. The less information you give out about yourself the less you have to worry about protecting.
  • Not backing up your data routinely. Once it is lost is gone!
  • Not respecting an entities copy write rights.

Happy New Year!

Julius Clark, MBA, CISSP, CISA

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